Lab Resources

NMR Suite at the Molecular Imaging Research Center-BCC

The laboratory takes advantage of the NMR Core Facility located at the Molecular Imaging Research Center of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center. The facility houses the NMR spectrometers - 600MHz and 800MHz - used routinely by the lab. There is a 400MHz spectrometer available for imaging at the NMR Suite, and a second 400MHz spectrometer at the 2nd Floor of CTR mainly for NMR studies of small molecules. The MIRC and NMR Suite have restricted access. Contact any member of the laboratory for access to any of the spectrometers.

Below are the 800MHz, 400MHz, and 600MHz NMR spectrometers. We have recently equipped the 600MHz spectrometer with an Avance NEO console as well as a Prodigy CryoProbe.

The NMR suite also has computers for data analysis, desk space for writing, discussions, or calculations, a lab bench for sample preparation, and is also home to Sam's office.

Instrumentation is available for use in collaborative studies or as a service. In order to use any of the instruments, please get in touch with Prof. Dr. Donghan Lee or Dr. Sam Arumugam.

Wet Lab Space at the UofL - Health Science Campus

The main laboratory at UofL is located at the 2nd floor of the Clinical and Translational Building at the corner of E. Muhammad Ali Blvd. and S. Hancock St., less than a 5-minute walk away from the Brown Cancer Center. Also nearby are the UofL Hospital, School of Dentistry, and the School of Medicine where the Research Tower, and other research buildings are located.

The main wet lab space is housed at Room 233 of the CTR and is shared with the laboratory of Dr. T. Michael Sabo. The lab is well-equipped with equipment routinely used for production of high-purity protein samples, including incubator/shakers , FPLC systems, centrifuges, and spectrophotometers. We also have our own chemical stock room, chemical hoods, and biosafety cabinets, among others. Computers are also available for use by lab members and are equipped with software for modeling, NMR data processing/analysis, and figure preparation.

Laboratory spaces at the CTR feature semi-open spaces to encourage collaboration between research groups. Adjacent to our lab space is the Protein Expression Core providing us access to more protein preparation equipment for higher throughput as well as expertise. We also share the floor with other research groups from the Brown Cancer Center with expertise in pharmacology, genetics, calorimetry, organic synthesis, and molecular modeling, among others. Opposite the lab spaces are the office spaces. Donghan is located at CTR219.

We offer our expertise in recombinant protein expression and purification, specifically of labelled material for NMR studies, to any colleagues and potential collaborators. Additionally, collaborators are typically given access to our entire laboratory space. Do not hesitate to drop by and ask Donghan or Mark. Mark's bench is located across 233A.