News and Events

01 May 2020. Mark takes on additional responsibilities as the new Newsletter Editor for the Kentucky Academy of Science.

16 April 2020. Undergraduate student Sidi presents his recent work on screening Mdmx small molecules during the University of Louisville Undergraduate Research Showcase. This work was funded by a UL Mentored Undergraduate Research and Creative Works Grant awarded to Sidi and Mark.

April 2020. Science fair updates! Mark mentored St. Francis of Assisi Middle School Students Claire Midland and Margaret Sullivan. Claire worked on ability of over-the-counter peptidases to digest amyloid fibrils in vitro, while Margaret screened KY-native plants for anti-collagenase/metalloproteinase activity. Claire won first place (Middle School Group 1) in the Kentucky Junior Academy of Science. Margaret won first place (Junior Biochemistry) in the Louisville Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Congratulations!